Greetings from Brazil

Here is a picture of Vanessa from Fortaleza, Brazil. A 7 years old girl who loves to skateboard. She have been skateboarding since she was 4 years old, but got her board stolen a year ago. When we met her half year ago she told us she wanted to learn an ollie. So right in time for christmas we gave her a complete Hero girl 7". She wanted to try an ollie as soon as she got it and this photo was taken while she was trying.




Skate action in the making!

This is incredible!

The Swedish innovation TIP technology is chosen to be part of the Australian action movie expert Mike Seymour's production with the Spanish director Victor Perez.

In collaboration with Mark Roberts Motion Control, coming from London, they are shooting the Brazilian skater Bruno Mendes at Stiller Studios in Stockholm. We can´t wait for the result, maybe the best skate movie ever?!?

Mike and Bruno

Read more on the Mike Seymour blog or listen to his podcast. His educational film production guide has over one million followers!



Tant Skateboard at After School

Ants Neo, the one and only, wrote about a very special book on subsrfers website.

"We got a really nice book about an old aunt that rather go skateboarding than die. Ingegerd is not at all like other old aunts. She can't cook, bake or sew. Instead she likes to go skateboarding. But Ingegerd is old and all her friends are dead. She has no company. One day she get tired of the loneliness and get out to get some new friends."

Take the chance to meet Lotta Eriksson, who wrote the book. She will be at After School, at Sabai-Soong in Stockholm, the 9:th of june to sign the book. Buy it to you kids, your friends kids or to yourself. 

In the same time celebrate the summer and that school is out for this semester. Meet some real cool skaters and talk about skating and share experiences.



After School in Stockholm

Last week Prosk8 invited children between 5-12 years old, with their parents, to the restaurant Sabai-Soong for a After School. The restaurant owner Alex Lindgren had set the tables with thai snacks and lemonade. Prosk8 skaters Victor Castro and Tor Legernaes was there to give tips and coaching on place. Some kids got to bring new skateboards home. And prosk8 donated one skateboard to Skateistan for each sold.

The event was a nice way to meet and talk skateing and just chill out for a little time after school. In fact we decided to do it again for all kids that missed it (and for the ones that want to do it again).

So if you are in Stockholm the 9:th of june between 2:30 and 5:30 pm come to Sabai-Soong Thaifood at Linnégatan 39b i Stockholm. You would not want to miss it :-)

When you buy we donate to the project in Cambodia that helps children get skateboards of their own.

Go to the event at Facebook





Birthday party with skate coaching

Last sunday Prosk8 where coacing at a 9-year birthday party at Lidingö in Stockholm. 20 kids got to try with fantastic help from Prosk8´s two riders Viktor Castro and Max Jensen.  All kids had a lot of fun and some of them didn´t want to stop skating.

We want more children to have the chance to get a well needed leisure activity and boost of self-esteem. Help us help the Skateistan project giving children in Cambodia skateboards, we donate one to them for each sold here.

Enter the promocode SKATEISTAN when you order a PROSK8 TIP Technology skateboard in sizes 7" - 7,5" at our webshop.




The Health Benefits of Skateboarding

“With healthy lifestyle, we can avoid 60-70% of known illnesses.”- Samir Becic, internationally recognized fitness expert.

Skateboarding is a sport, an art form, a lifestyle, and a culture. Kids have been doing it for decades, and it has even become an extreme sport. We can all, however, benefit from skateboarding even if it just recreationally. Not only does skateboarding get us outside, but it can also help us cover large distances faster and more easily.

Some of the health benefits are:

  • Stress relief
  • Full body workout
  • Improves coordination
  • Teaches consequences, practice, and patience

This is one of the reasons why we support what Skateistan is doing for children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, by donating a skateboard to Skateistan for every order of a complete PROSK8 TIP Technology skateboard in sizes 7 " -7.5 ".

Visit our Online Shop here

Read all the health benefits of skateboarding here.



ProSk8 brunch with Jason at Restaurang Niklas

We had an amazing brunch with our with our friends Jason "Timbuktu" Diakité and celebrated chef Niklas Ekstedt at Restaurang Niklas. Over 80 guests showed up and half the benefits from the event went to the Skateistan project as well as a brand new skateboard donated for each sold. Jason signed ProSk8 boards for the Skateistan project and young skater Malou was one of the first buyers last saturday.


Also read blogger Vimala Söderqvists impressions of the event and ProSk8 as a company with conscience here.


You still have a chance to help us help the Skateistan project giving children in Cambodia a well needed leisure activity and boost of self-esteem. Enter the promocode SKATEISTAN when you order a PROSK8 TIP Technology skateboard in sizes 7" - 7,5" at our webshop.

Big smiles from Jason and Malou



Swedish Skateboard Awards 2015

If you happened to miss the 2015 Swedish Skateboard Awards for some reason, it was held at the Södra Teatern theatre last week. It was an amazing night featuring performances including Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children. There’s lots to say about this epic party, but we’ll be brief and let the picture speak for itself.

We do, however, want to take the opportunity to congratulate David Jakinda, who took home the Skater of the Year award. We would also like to congratulate the winners and the nominees in the other categories as well. Well done!




Vi på PROSK8 älskar vad Skateistan gör för barn i Afghanistan, Kambodja och Sydafrika. Därför förlänger vi kampanjen där vi skänker en bräda till Skateistan för varje beställning som kommer in av en komplett PROSK8 TIP Technology skateboard i storlekarna 7 "-7,5" fram till och med 31 mars 2015. 

Du har alltså chansen att bidra till att barn som annars inte skulle ha råd med en bräda själv, får en skänkt när du beställer en bräda till ditt framtida proffs.

Skriv bara in SKATEISTAN som promocode när du lägger beställningen. Besök vår webbshop här



Becket Colón om Skateboardens framtid

Skateboardens tekniska utveckling har stagnerat medans Snowboards och Surfbrädor konstant utvecklas. Becket Colón grundaren av PROSK8 ser ni här i TV4 programmet Ride berätta om hur PROSK8 på ett innovativt sett utvecklar Skateboarden. Klicka här för att se klippet.


<iframe src="http://www.tv4play.se/iframe/video/3029109?starttime=1088" width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"></iframe>




We at PROSK8 love what Skateistan is doing for children in Afghanistan , Cambodia and South Africa, therefore we would like to  donate a skateboard to Skateistan for every order of a complete PROSK8 TIP Technology skateboard in sizes 7 " -7.5 " made in the month of December 2014.

Just enter SKATEISTAN as promocode when you order. Visit our Online Shop here



Skatistan Cambodia

The 10 skateboards we donated to Skatistan Cambodia have arrived! We are proud to support the organization and help the kids experience the joy of skateboarding!

We included plenty of extra tips as well to make sure that the boards will last the kids a long time.

Check out Skatistan and what they are doing to help kids here www.skateistan.org



Stockholm Skatepark

As Fall and Winter is creeping up on us here in Sweden, the skatepark in Stockholm will be the spot where most skaters go as it is the only decent indoor park in the area. Our local riders a long with our Finish pro Jani Laitiala visited the park recently and recorded a clip for everyone to enjoy. Check it out via the link below!







Rodrigo Leal introduction video! Happy birthday!

It's finally here! After a lot of hard work and insane skating by Rodrigo Leal we have finally collected enough footage and are now ready to present his amazing team introduction video! We decided to release the video on this special day, his birthday in order to make it extra special for him.

Happy birthday Rodrigo from all of us at PROSK8 and thank you for your dedication and hard work!

View this monster here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n95bbbupF5g





PROSK8 Sommarskate i Rålis


Hela Juni månad kommer PROSK8 att befinna sig i skateparken vid Rålambshov från KL 12:00 - 18:00. Vi kommer ha personal på plats som hjälper med coachning samt erbjuda er specialpris på våra produkter.

Kompletta skateboards för endast 799:-

Hjul 250:-

Enbart bräda 300:-

Två brädor 500:-

Kullager 100:-

Samt ett limiterat utbud av kompletta Ecologic Longboards för 1.000:-

Passa på, kom till Rålis och skata med oss och få bästa priset på våra produkter!



Road trip

PROSK8 is currently on the road visiting parks in Malmö and Copenhagen. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates on this trip. Hope to see you in the parks where we have Tip Technology decks with us for sale! Here is a picture of Fagner Pereira warming up in Copenhagen.




The Swedish PROSK8 riders had a great trip to Linköping last weekend! Thanks to everyone who came to skate with us, and to those that purchased boards we hope you enjoy them! Stay tuned for footage from the trip!



Linköping tour

PROSK8 is going on a mini tour to Linköping this weekend! We will mainly be at the FUN Skatepark but we will also be visiting some of the other good local spots. Come say hi to our team riders who will be giving out prizes for tricks as well as selling decks for a good price!



Proof of concept!

Five months ago PROSK8 team rider William Damascena gave his old board to a kid in São Paulo. We met the same kid at the park last week and noticed he was still riding the board William gave him. We decided to give him some new replacement tips so that he could keep riding the deck a while longer. Hopefully it adds another five months to the life of his board!



Stoner Plaza USA

The PROSK8 team visited many legendary spots while on their visit to California. One of the spots was the famous Stoner Plaza in Western Los Angeles. Below is a clip from the session with Rodrigo Leal and William Damascena, check it out and stay tuned for more from the USA trip!


(Rodrigo Leal, Kickflip FS Nose grind)



Viktor Castro introduction video!

Check out the latest PROSK8 introduction video with young talent Viktor Castro from Stockholm, Sweden in the link below. Welcome to PROSK8!





PROSK8 is currently in USA filming with William Damascena and Rodrigo Leal. The guys are recording a video diary and are using the hashtag #prosk8inUSA with everyday content on Instagram and Facebook. Follow us on @prosk8_scandinavia and Like our Facebook page for more.



Bruno Mendes

Summer in Brazil is great with temperatures of 30 degrees and our ambassador Bruno Mendes is skating every day and filming tricks for his PROSK8 introduction video. While you wait for the video to be released check out some of his latest pictures from the filming.



New PROSK8 Rider Jani Laitiala!

Finnish pro skater Jani Laitiala is now riding for PROSK8! Jani is 30-years-old and has been pro since he was 18 when he was riding for one of the best skate teams in the world at the time. Since then his skating has kept getting better and he is currently producing some of the best footage of his career. He joins the PROSK8 team alongside pros William Damascena and Rodrigo Leal and we are happy to have him onboard with our mission to lift the skateboard industry! Here is some old footage that clearly shows his skateboarding talent! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zq6BC16YZI



PROSK8 erbjuder barn glädje!

2-åriga Kahlei från Australien som nyligen blev en kändis på YouTube tack vare sin skateboardtalang kör nu på en PROSK8 bräda! Hans pappa skickade en bild till oss på Kahlei med brädan och säger att storleken är perfekt för honom.

Kahlei hade tidigare kört på sin pappas bräda i vuxenstorlek och hade problem att kontrollera den på grund av storleken. Med sin nya PROSK8 bräda berättar pappan till oss att han nu har myckt mer kontroll och har roligare.


Vill du också förbereda ditt barn för en rolig vår så köp en skateboard av PROSK8. Vi erbjuder gratis frakt och storlekar från Kahleis ålder upp till vuxen!

Dessutom skickar vi med en extra Tip så att du enkelt kan byta spetsen på brädan. Som stålkanter på skidor ökar det livslängden på brädan samt prestandan.


Shop hittar du längst upp på sidan!


Mycket nöje!







prosk8 skateboard köpa skateboard barn barnaktivitet våraktivitet sommaraktivitet kvalitetskateboard



2-year-old internet sensation now skating PROSK8 decks!

Kahlei Stone-Kelley is the 2-year-old that amazed the world with a video that went viral a couple of weeks ago. Everyone here at PROSK8 really enjoyed the video but we noticed that the little guy was riding a board that was way to big for him. We decided to send him a couple of 7" PROSK8 decks and they just arrived today! Below is a photograph of him and his brothers with their new decks and Kahlei's father tells us he is already out ripping his new deck! Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for footage and more pictures of Kahlei riding his PROSK8 deck!




skate prosk8 tip technology sensation 2-year-old skateboarder





Being the last day of the year we at PROSK8 would like to thank everyone for a great year! We would especially like to thank William Damascena and Rodrigo Leal for signing with us and look forward to a great 2014 together! We would also like to thank our ambassadors who are out there working hard helping us promote Tip Technology and also giving back to the community and helping kids. Stay tuned for all the exciting things we will be unveiling in 2014! We wish you all a happy new year!

Eftersom det är den sista dagen på året så vill vi på PROSK8 passa på och tacka alla för ett fantastiskt år! Vi vill tacka William Damascena och Rodrigo Leal speciellt mycket för att de skrev på för oss och ser fram emot ett grymt 2014 tillsammans! Vi vill också passa på och tacka våra ambassadöre som är ute och jobbar hårt med att hjälpa oss marknadsföra Tip Technology samt ge tillbaka till skate community och hjälpa ungdomar. Håll utkik efterr alla spännande nyheter som vi kommer avslöja under 2014! Vi önskar er alla ett gott nytt år!






skateboard pro skateboard butik skateboard store skateboard shop skateboard skate



Rodrigo Leal Skater of The Year Brazil 2013!

PROSK8 team rider Rodrigo Leal was just awarded Skater of The Year Brazil 2013! Congratulations from everyone at PROSK8 for this well deserved award. William Damascena was also among the skaters up for vote and we congratulate him on a great year as well. We look forward to presenting the world with more great footage and news about Rodrigo and William Damascena next year! Stay tuned!

Here is Rodrigos part in the amazing IR O Video that was released for your viewing pleasure a couple of days ago. Check it out!





New Pro Rider Rodrigo Leal!

Rodrigo Leal from Brazil is the latest professional skater to join the PROSK8 team. He has a bag of unique and extremely technical tricks that often help him win best trick competitions. Being a respected and well known skater in Brazil and also internationally, Rodrigo together with our other Brazilian pro William Damascena are helping us reach a larger audience and inform skaters about the benefit of riding Tip Technology boards.




PROSK8 Berlin trip!

PROSK8 rider William Damascena along with ambassadors Fagner Pereira, Tor Legernaes and Theo Goldschmidt are taking a road trip from Stockholm down to Berlin from 25/10 - 30/10 to film and promote PROSK8 and Tip Technology. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to find out where the guys are riding and join them for a session while they are in town.




PROSK8 i Rålis

Nu på Lördag den 14/9 kl 14:00 kommer PROSK8 att vara i Rålis skatepark och hålla en tricks for cash tävling samt Game of Skate med fina priser. Det brazilianska proffset och nya team åkaren William Damascena kommer att vara på plats och det kommer också finnas lånebrädor och coacher för de som vill prova på att åka skateboard.

Vi ses på Lördag!




Invigning av Åva skate park!

PROSK8 kommer att vara på plats under invigningen av Åva skate park nu på Lördag. Kom dit och häng eller åk bräda med chansen att vinna fina priser! Vi kommer att köra en highest ollie tävling och under dagen pågår också ett skate jam med olika kategorier.

Vi ses där!



Vinnare av grafiktävlingen!

Under kulturnatten så kunde besökare till Galleri SO Stockholm rösta på 10st utvalda bidrag som vi hade tryckt upp på brädor och hängt på väggen. Det vinnande bidraget kom ifrån Petter Johansson som nu kommer få sin grafik tryckt på 100st Tip Technology brädor.

Grattis Petter från alla vi på PROSK8!




Designa din egna skateboardgrafik inför Kulturnatten och få chansen att få den tryckt på PROSK8 brädor i sommar! Vinnaren får 100st brädor med sitt tryck för ett värde av 50.000 SEK! Skicka bidrag till contest@prosk8.se senast den 15:e April.

PROSK8 kommer att vara på SO Stockholm Gallerian under Kulturnatten i Kungsträdgården den 20:e April. Top 10 av designsen vi får in kommer att hängas upp i gallerian medans PROSK8 coacher kommer vara där för att lära ut grunder till nybörjare.

På plats kan besökare rösta på sin favoritdesign där vinnaren sedan kammar hem priset av 100 Tip Technology brädor med egna grafiken.

Kom till SO Stockholm för Kulturnatten den 20:e April från kl 12-00!

Jussi Björlings allé 5, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm



Stockholm Skate Festival

The location is the 1200 square meter big room at Artipelag called the Art Box which has been transformed into a skate park and is currently open to the public on weekends. On the 31st of January we launch a photo exhibition with award winning photographs by Daniel Månsson which have been published in his book Faces of Skateboarding.

The festival itself begins on the 21st of February and lasts until the 17th of March and will be open on weekends. You are welcome to come and experience the skate park, photo exhibition, film festival, contests and many other great activities that the festival has to offer. Instructors from PROSK8® will be present to teach you the basics of skateboarding or to help you advance further. Don't miss this great opportunity to experience the first annual STHLM Skateboard Festival!

Keep an eye out for further updates regarding the festival and the activities that will be offered, more information to be presented soon!