Tip technology

Be as good as you can be, Not as good as your deck lets you be...

Look in the magazines, check out Youtube, what do you see the pros in the pictures ride? The answer is a new deck…you never see a pro riding wornout razortailed decks. So, why do sponsored riders replace their decks often? Because standard disposable decks have old fashioned wooden tips and every ollie causes permanent damage to the deck.

Unprotected tips wear down and the deck loses its POP and response quicky. This leads to dud POP, inconsistency and slower progression. A worn deck simply hinders you from being a better skater and having more fun.

Skateboarding is about physics. Steel edges help skiers and snowboarders be better riders, TIP Technology™ helps you become a better skater.

PROSK8™ TIP Technology™ decks help you skate better because, ”metal hard” advanced plastic composite TIPs have more POP power than soft wood could ever have.

Smart replaceable TIP Technology™, the technology that lets you preserve new board POP and gives perfect response throughout the decks life span. It’s like always riding a new deck. Now you don’t need to be sponsored, Properly maintained your TIP Technology ™ deck will last months if not years. Sponsor yourself, We have been told that a TIP Technology™ deck gets better the longer you ride it.

ProSK8's uniq tip-technology


Maple Decks PROSK8™ Maple Laminate Decks are made from the finest A grade Canadian maple. You will be surprised how durable our maple decks featuring TIP technology are. Designed to last months of abuse. Take your skating to the next level, discover TIP technology.

THE RIGHT BOARD TO MAKE YOU BETTER By now you have been skating for a while and are not a beginner anymore. PROSK8™ midi decks are designed for 8 to 12 year old skaters. PROSK8™ midi decks feature the same superior quality components found on all PROSK8™ skateboards but in the correct dimensions for emerging teenagers. Want to skate consistently and learn new tricks quickly? Are you tired of disposable decks that wear out quickly? Then you need a PROSK8™ deck with Patented Performance Series TIP Technology™. With a PROSK8™ midi deck you will skate so consistently and learn tricks so fast your friends will be jealous.

PROSK8™ mini decks are designed for 6 to 8 year old aspiring skaters. PROSK8™ mini decks feature the same quality components found on all PROSK8™ skateboards but in the correct dimensions for smaller skateboarders. Everyone starts somewhere! Learning the basics of skateboarding is fun for all, but without TIP Technology™ you get sharp worn tips (razortail) which makes the learning process a bit more difficult. Patented TIP Technology™ improves the deck's performance and allows for economical maintenance ensuring long lasting skateboarding enjoyment. A PROSK8™ deck is the right choice if you want to progress quickly. With PROSK8™ you won’t be teased for riding a cheap “toy” skateboard. Instead you will impress your friends and become the skater you always wanted to be!

ProSK8's uniq tip-technology