About Prosk8

PROSK8 is a different kind of skateboarding company.
Our mission is to make skateboarding safer and more rewarding. PROSK8 researches, designs and produces the next generation of innovative skateboarding technologies. We market our products online and use a direct sales approach to the market with focus on how to skate and have fun skateboarding. We are against the establishment, fighting the belief that disposable equipment is good for skateboarders.

We are saddened with what skateboarding has become. We believe that selling the same old fashioned counterproductive technologies as everybody else hurts skateboarding and which limit participation. Once upon a time skateboarding companies designed and innovated products that actually made a difference and improved the rider’s experience. Today only the longboard companies and a few select companies actually design and produce their own products, everybody else are just “fake” skateboard brands selling, the same mass produced skateboards produced in Asia.

PROSK8 has a different philosophy, we want kids to have fun and skate safely, we are convinced that this begins with your equipment. Finally skaters have company committed to technologies which make a difference, If you believe we can make skateboarding better with technology too, join the PROSK8 movement.

PROSK8 puts safety first.
We at PROSK8 take safety seriously. Skateboarding is a dangerous sport and falling is no fun. TIP technology is designed to address the biggest safety risk in skateboarding. With Tip technology you get more consistent deck response, which helps you land more tricks and no more razortail which can cut you and others.

Becket and Joseph Colón